Coaching for teams

Teams that people want to belong to are those that perform well, stay together and keep learning how to be at the top of their game. It’s not much fun nor particularly rewarding being part of a mediocre team and worse still dysfunctional teams become unhealthy for all concerned.

So what are they key ingredients for happy and effective teams? Well of course it’s important to consider the make up of the team in the recruitment phase and it’s important to build the technical capability and hard skills needed. But there is much more to it than that and it’s here that working with a Team Coach makes the big difference.

Being part of a team and facing up to the challenges involved is an emotional experience.  The foundation for teams that do the best is building the emotional competence that enables them to manage the inevitable highs and lows, resolve conflicts constructively, learn from feedback, remain creative under pressure and keep the unity to be resilient when it all goes wrong.

Team coaching will help your team do this by providing tools, processes and ongoing support to agree team norms and benefit from the kind of honest conversations that mean ‘constructive controversy’ leads to learning, improved performance, innovation and wellbeing. Top teams have coaches.